Switch DB from MSSQL to MYSQL

Step 1: Add (Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql) dependency using Nuget Manager in NETAdminLTEWeb & NETAdminLTEApi
Note: Choose version 6.x
Step 2: In the appsettings.json of NETAdminLTEWeb & NETAdminApi project add this in connection string.
"MySqlConnection": "server=;database=melt_database;user=root",
Note: Replace the value with your own
Step 3: In the NETAdminLTEWeb & NETAdminLTEApi project go-to Extensions -> ServiceExtensions.cs file and add this below code.
// Some code
public static void ConfigureMySqlContext(this IServiceCollection services, IConfiguration config)
var connectionString = config.GetConnectionString("MySqlConnection");
services.AddDbContext<AppDbContext>(opt =>
opt.UseMySql(connectionString, ServerVersion.AutoDetect(connectionString));
Step 4: Finally in the Program.cs file (in both projects) just comment out the ConfigureMSSqlContext and add this line.